The Sumo season is now up and running in Tokyo. I went along to the "East Japan versus West Japan" competition and had a blast. I have always thought that Sumo was essentially a lot of half-naked fat men having a series of slap fights. This does indeed seem to be the case. Many of the men involved these days are not even Japanese - most of the top ones being Mongolian. That aside, it is an amazing atmosphere and well worth the time. As in many things in Japan, it is a wonderfule excuse to drink sake and general get as relaxed as a newt. I tried my best to continue this tardition. For the day I used my Canon EOS5D Mark II and the very heavy Canon EF 28-300 F4.5-5.6L. Seems to have been a good choice.


The arens is actually quite an amazing place.


The sumo have a special ceremoney in the ring to introduce themselves. Love the aprons.


First they had a show fight between some boys from one of the Inetrnational Schools and a retired sumo.


Fighters get ready


A lot of salt gets thrown into the arena. All part of the purification of the ring.


You win!


Full on effort.


I can fly!

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