Kitaguchi Hongu Fuji Shrine

The base of Mount Fuji is dotted with Shinto shrines, as mountains hold a special place in the beliefs of the Japanese. Mountains are sacred places and worthy of respect, care and even worship. Given Mount Fuji is the "Daddy of them all" in Japan, there is a lot of effort in some of these palces. Near to Lake Kawaguchi there are a number of shrines in one quite small area. The largest of which is the Kitagichi Hongu Fuji Shrine and well worth a visit. I went there on a normal weekday so it was very quiet. Even better was the typical mountain weather with small rainstorms with bright sushine between - a perfect time to take phtoos of these places. The striking thing were the huge and very old cedar trees all the complex - many of which had bows made from thick rope around their base - denoting the special ones with great age.


Every shrine has guardians at the front entrance. This is one of the guys doing it at this one. Sigma DP3 Merrill.


The path leading to the shrine entrance is flanked by more than 50 of these lanterns. Very impressive. Sigma DP3 Merrill.


The main entrance. Sigma DP1 Merrill.


Of course you need to wash yourself. The very common photo. Sigma DP3 Merrill.


One of the monster cedar trees in the shrine grounds. This one is more than 3 metres diameter at its base. Sigma DP3 Merrill.


Special box to collect coins as offerings for prayers. Sigma DP1 Merrill.


Like every good shrine, it has a shop full of special tokens. These are the bells. Sigma DP3 Merrill.


And more tokens - this time for your bag or mobile phone. Sigma DP3 Merrill.


Prayers for later use. Sigma DP3 Merrill.


One of the smaller shrines in the grounds. The white paper marks to boundary between "this world" and the "other world". I guess that makes some sense. Sigma DP3 Merrill.


This one has a stage for performances inside the shrine. Lovely wood flooring on it. Sigma DP3 Merrill.


There is also a small Inari (fox) shine in the grounds. Sigma DP1 Merrill.


A small stream runs across the face of the shrine. Given the high snow and rainfall, there is a lot of water about. Sigma DP3 Merrill.


A driver checks out the names of donors to the shrine. This one is very popular, there were 8 panels like this one full of names. Sigma DP3 Merrill.

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