Velvia 50 at Lake Kawaguchi

With digital you ahve an instant ability to peruse, edit and share your photos - as soon as you get back to your computer. With film, you have to wait. Firstly it takes around 5 working days for my developer to complete the work on a medium format film - even longer if Black and White. Then I have to scan - in some cases multiple times and then edit the photos. Here are some shots taken on the magical Fuji Velvia 50 film on my Mamiya 645 TL PRO camera. It was my first time out with my 200mm F2.8 lens on the body to see what it looks like. I struggled a little getting focus - but a few frames and I was getting the hang of it. I did get some varied results with the film - my metering skills were taking a day off it seems and I was under exposing most of the frames. I was able to fix a lot of it thanks to the wonders of my Nikon Coolscan 6000 scanner and Vuescan software using the specific "rotating glass" holder and some tricks of scanning. Here are some of the results…..

KawaguchiVelvia50M645 001.tif

For some obscure reason this wheel was in the middle of a field of lavender. Interesting.

Mamiya645 Velvia50 004.jpg

Mount Fuji dominates the whole place. Spectacular.

Mamiya645 Velvia50 006.jpg

Drawing in the sand - in this case actually ash from the volcano.

Mamiya645 Velvia50. 003jpg

There was still some Sakura around.

KawaguchiVelvia50M645 005.tif

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