Lake Kawaguchi

Mount Fuji is probably the most famous image the world knows from Japan. It is truly imposing and rises in almost perfect symmetry less than 150km from Tokyo and can be seen from many miles away - including my office desk on a clear day. Just north of the mountain there are a number of lakes - the largest of which is Lake Kawaguchi. I drove there as one of the places to test my new car, and get used to the navigation system. Before you ask, the Audi navigation system has an English mode. Probably the funniest things about it si when it tries to pronounce Japanese place names in its English accent. More entertaining than most of the radio stations here.


The mountain is spectacular. This is the edge of the lake looking south towards the mountain. Sigma DP2 Merrill.


Thre is a small shrine that can be reached when the lake is low - which is before all the snow has really started to melt on the mountin. Sigma DP2 Merrill.


People leave coins on the shrine. Since this is Japan they are all left there even if within easy reach. Sigma DP2 Merrill.

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