Last Roll of Astia

I do like the look of positive film. Sort of a darker, moodier rendering of the scenes I shoot. Of all the positive films available, I like those by Fujifilm the most. And of all the ones made by Fujifilm, it was the muted colours of Astia that I preferred. Velvia was always a bit of a hooligan in terms of colours for me, except for the landscapes on the brightest of sunny days. It simply had too much contrast under most conditions. Provia is not bad, and now that Astia is no longer made, I guess I will need to learn to work with that. Muted colours, bit still the same issue with contrast that I found with Velvia. I have run down to my last of all rolls of Fujifilm Astia. I shot it in the UK while on holiday with my wife. I was staying at a series of large country homes and the best of those was Lucknam Park near Bath. It has a huge grounds of over 500 acres that we managed to lose ourselves in. This roll was shot there in the grounds on a Nikon F6 with a Nikkor 50mm F1,4G lens. Here are some of the results - strangely most in portrait format for some reason……

Blog -1.jpg

There were flowers everywhere, that in spite of the bland weather really brightened the place up.

Blog -2.jpg

The path to the horses.

Blog -3.jpg

Into the formal garden.

Blog -5.jpg

The main house. Rare blue skies.

Blog -6.jpg

Take a seat.

Blog -4.jpg

View from the room.

Blog -7.jpg

Window light

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