Moving to Japan


Temple in Kagoshima, Japan

Well the time has come. I have to leave the place I love the most and forge a new career in a new country. On SUnday May 20th I will be flying out of Hong Kong to land in Haneda Airport in Tokyo, Japan. After settling into my temporary (and extremely comfortable) accomodation I will start work on the following day as the Head of Sales for a large financial servcies firm's business in Japan. This is a wonderful opportunity for me and - in almost equal measure - a very scary step into the unknown. A lot fun and an enormous amount to learn. The the least of which is trying to get my every rusty simple Japanese working properly again.

I have spent a huge amount of time these past few years in Japan - Miki has been determined to show me as much of the country as possible and I been eager to photograph as much as possible - very compatible aims at the end of the day. I have enjoyed myself immensely and now have the chance to go and do some real work in the land of the rising sun.  I am sure it will be a huge amount of work and at the end I believe it will be immensely satisfying for me and hopefully a good experience for those I will work with. 

Wish me luck.

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