First Weeks in Japan


A temple in Hakata, Kyushu

Well, I have now effectively moved to Japan. I have had to make a quick trip back to HK to process my visa as an essential step in the process of getting my "Gaijin Card" in Japan. Once I get that, I will formally exist in Japan and can do some simple, but essential things like open a bank account and get a mobile phone. Probably the most important thing I can do is to get an apartment that will give me my own base and all my things. I have been staying in a serviced apartment for a while, which is lovely and convenient, but is more like a hotel room with a kitchen than a home. At least I can walk to the office in 10 minutes.

Tokyo is a simple awesome city to live in, it is endlessly fascinating and quite delightful. It can also be quite intimidating - especially for a first timer. Nothing works exactly the same way it does in other countries - the Japanese really do have their own way of doing things. Most Japanese cities are also quite ugly when you ever get the chance to see them from above - so with an office on the 30th floor of a building I get to see the sprawling mass of Tokyo and it is ugly. The joy comes with the details here. A small temple or shrine in a back street, a tiny coffee shop with really delicate and well made ornaments in the window - this place can fascinate. That is why it is complete paradise for photographers - but local and overseas. I took my Leica M8 and some leneses to Japan and will return from HK with my Leica M7 film body and some more lenses to give me some choice. 

I have never photographed Japan in the summer - so that will be an interesting challenge. I have gone many times in the Autumn to Spring period. Summer can be quite hot and humid, especially once the rainy season has finished. I will post some of the results when I have done something with them. Watch this space.

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