Wandering Around Tokyo


A Small Temple Near Akasaka

I am working hard to re-acquaint myself with Tokyo. It has been more than 12 years since I last lived here and it has changed quite a big - mostly for the better. I am also here by myself, at least until Miki is able to bring our cat and dog over from Hong Kong in November. I miss all of them very much. I have been used to adventuring around Tokyo with Miki for a long time now, and now find myself left to my own devices. I have re-discovered the subway system - a labyrinth in its own right - and am starting to venture around with my new "Pasmo" card that is a stored value device. That and the iPhone App that enables you to plan routes and I don't get lost any more. Add to that the fact that there are a lot more English language signs around the place and I am becoming pretty independent. I really enjoy getting around Tokyo on the subway now my terror at getting lost has proven unfounded.

Watch this space - more to come. The story of getting an apartment in Tokyo.

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