Nezu Digital

I really like the shrine in Nezu - to the north of the city of Tokyo. The Inari shrine there has a very small version of the Fushimi shrine in Kyoto. It is quite popular and does make a great location for photos. For some reason I prefer it in dimmer light, as it adds to the mood of the place. This time I took a Fujifilm X-E1 camera with the fabulous 35mm F1.4 lens from Fuji on the front. The main reason to go was to get some more Hasselblad square format film shots, so that kit came along as well. These are the digital shots I took there - the analog ones will be saved for another post at a later date.


Much small in size than the ones in Kyoto, but a similar look.


There is probably less than 200 of the gates in Nezu. Each one is from a family or company - with the naes on one side of the gate.


It is New Year - so all the bad luck is tied to the fence here and so are the small wooden plaques of requests.


The usual view of the place to wash your hands. This was a cold day, so no washing was done.


There was a wonderful events stage in one corner of the shrine - which was made of very nicely textured wood.


Benefactors of the shrine have there names displayed out the front.


Someone left their People Carrier behind.


In the street in front of the shrine is a traditional handmade sweet shop.


Some interesting graffiti on the way back to the subway.

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