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This is a new trick for me. Meeting up with some folks to basically go for a walk with some cameras. What makes this fun is a group of like minded individuals with similar afflictions to yourself - in this case, a passion for collecting old film cameras. I met a group at Nishi-Nippori Station on bascially the far side of the Yamanote Line from my home on a blisteringly hot Sunday and off we went. Armed only with film cameras we must have made an interesting sight for the locals. We certainly managed to annoy some of the local drivers. The collection of cameras on show was amazing - testament to the folks at Leica more than anything. My M6 and M7 was somewhere in this lot…

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The upshot was a group beer drinking session in Ueno Park followed by a quick look at a Matsuri in Naka Meguro before more beers and some fine Japanese style pizza.

Thanks to Dave at for organising this and actually managing to keep most of us together in spite of our best efforts. I will be doing more of these for sure.

Hopefully my next blog entry will have some of the photos I took. This was a "film only" event, I have to wait those magical days while the films are processed and then scan my backside off for a few days with the results. Watch this space.

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