Saint Pancras Station on Film

I have a blog entry earlier from London - and due to the digital files, I was able to get them up quite quickly. I now have my roll of film taken at the same time back from developing - I do not develop my own film. I am very happy with the results. I used a Leica M7 with the legendary Noctilux 50mm F1.0 (version 2) lens. It was my first time trying Kodak Portra 160 film (the new version just released) and I have to say I am deeply impressed with the film. I will write up some further impressions of the film later - but suffice to say I will probably move away from Ektar as my usual fast colour negative film in the future.

At one point during my photo session I was stopped by a security guard who wanted to know what I was photographing and was benused that I could not show him the pictures. He must not get to see many film shooters I guess. The London authorities as nowhere near as laid back about photographers as the folks in Japan. Hmmmm….

M7 Portra160 014
M7 Portra160 015
M7 Portra160 005
M7 Portra160 004
M7 Portra160 020
M7 Portra160 026
M7 Portra160 023
M7 Portra160 021
M7 Portra160 028

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