South Side of Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji is the most famous symbol of Japan. I can see it from my desk at work and "Fuji-san" is a much venerated object in Japan. I had the chance to go to the south side of Mount Fuji and stay at a Ryokan (a small Jaapanese inn) in Fujinomiya. Apparently there is some disagreement as to what is the "front' of the mountain, but Fujinomiya is (by impartial parties) considered to be the real front of the mountain. This is on the south side of the mountain itself, facing the sea. I went to the "5th station" on this side which is as high as you can go in the comfort of your car and had a look around. I also went to the shrine dedicated to the mountain in Fujinomiya where the water is drawn from springs from under the mountain. My new Fujifilm X-Series came along for the ride. All very nice. Let me know what you think…..


The evening view from my room as the sun set. Quite dramtic I think. 


Complete rainbow in the secondary crater on Mount Fuji - over 2200 metres altitude.


Rhe fog created these strange effects on the very small trees on the mountain.


More droplets.


Of course the shrine has sake barrels. I tried them all - excellent.


An adundence of wishes.


Very orange like most shrines in Japan.


An endless stream of worshipers.


More orange


Everywhere you could buy Mount Fuji toilet paper. Only in Japan. One must not be caught out on the mountain.


A few further down the coast, I ate too much tuna here.

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