Streets of Meguro

I have been rather busy lately, as evidenced by my lack of update. Much of this has been work related, with me travelling more than 80,000 miles in a few weeks. On the photography front I have been moving my photo library of over 20,000 photos from Apple Aperture to Adobe Lightroom - more on that later - as well as learning how to use my new beast of a camera. The beast in question is a Pentax 67II SLR camera. Basically it is the largest SLR ever made and shoots film on 6x7 negatives - which turn into 100 mega pixel scans once processed using my digital workflow (more on all that later as well). It is very heavy and probably counts as a piece of gym equipment.

I took The Beast around my local neighbourhood to try it out, along with a few rolls of the amazing Fuji PRO400H film, so here are some of the results. It was early spring when Tokyo is at it’s very best. Tokyo is actually quite an ugly city taken in the “big picture”, but fascinating in the details and beautiful in it’s surprises. I simply love living here. All photos taken with the Pentax Takumar SMC 105mm F2.4 lens - a simply stunning piece of glass.

Pentax67 PRO400N 009.jpg

Bikes are considered “throw away” items in Tokyo - especially “Mamachari” like this one.

Pentax67 PRO400N 014.jpg

Tokyo is home to midget post boxes. I need to almost get onto my knees to post a letter.

Pentax67 PRO400N 015.jpg

A small ramen shop in Yutenji. The exhaust fan stains on the lantern show just how oily the food must be.

Pentax67 PRO400N 005.jpg

Small clothing boutique. I always wonder how these places stay in business. Maybe the landlords are not as rapacious as my experience in HK was.

Pentax67 PRO400N 006.jpg

And around the corner was this view. Yamaha make pianos, motorbikes and Mamachari…

Pentax67 PRO400N 034.jpg

Spring is here. Flowers (even weeds) are everywhere in Tokyo.

Pentax67 PRO400N 037.jpg

Well used path. The bike on the right probably has been there for years.

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