Unusual England

For those of you who might have visited these pages regularly, you will have noticed that I have not posted for 3 or more weeks - well I have been travelling for work. I have been in the UK twice and to Hong Kong in the period, so I am sure you will forgive me the short break from blogging. On the first trip to the UK, I was attending a management training course held in the rather fabulous Oatlands Par Hotel in Weybridge in deepest Surrey. It is a typical English large country hotel, being a little worn around the edges but the kind of place I wish I had been able to visit as a child. So many interesting things and a complete maze of rooms and corridors.

The most amazing thing aboutt the trip was the eraly autumn weather - it was fabulous. For those used to the damp and dreary English weather this was a novelty. During breaks in the course, we could go outside on the lawns and enjoy sunshine and fresh air. The food, however, was a anotehr story altogether and probably best forgotten. As were the showers - neither of which could be considered a strength of the English.

It was very photogenic and on one morning, the fog made the whole thing seem even more interesting. In these cases I took my new brace of Fujifilm X-Series cameras - the X-Pro1, X-E1 and X100S. All highly recommended and easy to sue - and the lenses are simply amazing. Let me know what you think.


The entrance looked best in the fog. I got wet feet on the grass taking this one. 


Typically English chaos that seems to actually work. Where else would you get away with carpets and drapes like this. It was really nice to chill on these sofas.


Interesting that you need to be licensed to such things.


A place to eat some seriously average food. The tea was good though.


Bench in the fog. You would get a wet bum on this morning.


More fog.


A fairly pointless construction - the gardens were full of them. They do look good though.


A leftover from one of the weddings held the day before.




Well polished but not well maintained.


Weed or flower?


It was impossible to approach this door quietly given all the gravel on the path.


Muted entrance.

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