Utsunomiya Part II - Emperors Holiday Home

After a coupe of days in Utsunomiya, we headed to Nikko to join the hordes of tourists and see what the famous town has to offer. The first stop of the Emperors holiday home - his mountain villa so to speak. It was built in the 1920’s, so it not old, but it is very interesting. I cannot help but think the building of wood and rice paper must be freeaing in the winter, but very cool and comfortable in the summer given the 1,000 meter elevation. It was quite photogenic and really empty of tourists, save for a couple of busloads of extremely polite Japanese pensioners.


Typica Japanese architecture.


My wife checks out the gardens. All carefully designed to be viewed from certain angles.


The garden in the middle of the villa is the most pleasant.


From the other side.


Always interesting vistas.


Very calming.

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